Bright Start Early Learning Center | Preschool | Roseland, NJ | Class Information

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Two and a Half Year Old Class

The Twos' room is filled with art, music, dance, books, and play.  The children are introduced to their colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.  The class has various themes throughout the year, including books, seasons, and holidays.  The teachers focus on the children’s social skills, gross motor abilities, potty training for those children that are ready, independence from their parents, and communication in a language-filled environment. 

Three Year Old Class

The Threes’ room emphasizes learning through play, fostering a strong sense of self-esteem.  Children continue building their gross motor skills in this classroom.  They are also introduced to fine motor skills through crafts and hand strengthening activities to prepare the children for writing in the Pre-K.  Circle Time begins introducing the concept of a calendar (seasons, holidays, etc), expanding on their color knowledge, storytelling, letters and numbers.  The children celebrate special days throughout the year including Train Day and Bear Day.  The classroom also introduces basic classroom skills like lining up, sitting for stories, and playing cooperative with peers.

Pre-K (Four Year Old) Classes

The Pre-K maintains an academic curriculum based in play.  Children work on their fine motor skills with the use of manipulatives (lacing boards, stencils, puzzles, beads, etc).  There is also an emphasis on cutting, an important pre-writing skill to develop the students’ eye and hand coordination, along with their hand strength.  Language is an important part of this classroom, as students are exposed to books, storytelling, upper and lower case letters, rhyming, and beginning sounds.  Math skills are also introduced, including number identification, counting, one to one correspondence, very basic addition and subtraction, skip counting, and graphing.  Science themes include space, dinosaurs, and rocks.  Social Studies themes include cultures, elections, presidents, and the First Thanksgiving.  The class also continues developing their classroom skills by learning to sit for Circle Time, how to complete a worksheet, and following directions in a group setting.

Kindergarten (Five Year Old) Classes

Bright Start offers a full-day academic Kindergarten program taught by a state certified teacher. The Kindergarten classroom will have daily periods in Math, Language Arts (both a daily reading and writing period), and Science/Social Studies (alternating each two week unit). Our program uses the Wilson Fundation program for reading and writing and Pearson's enVision math program.  Students who successfully complete our academic program will be fully prepared for first grade.   As with public school Kindergarten classes, students will be expected to commit to AT LEAST a five MORNING a week schedule in order to be fully prepared for first grade.  This class is also used as a way for parents to decide if their summer baby should repeat Kindergarten the following year in the public school or proceed to first grade, a difficult decision for many parents.

Click here for more information about our program.  If you have any questions about signing up for our program, call the school directly at (973) 226.2886.